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Empowering Smarter Business

Thought Layer is a Business Engineering company specializing in lean business process management consulting and data driven solutions that optimize business value

Business Engineering

Take control, increase teamwork, gain visibility, and measure success. Thought Layer's cohesive customer-centric approach blends the most successful implementations of process modeling, collaboration, knowledge management, and implementation to position your business for success.


Information Excellence

Business systems and information must be flexible, accountable, and controlled. Our data management expertise, combined with the insight provided from our business engineering approach, allows for smooth integration of the most complex data landscapes.


Industry & Brand Insight

Next level competitive, exploratory, and insightful analysis of your market, products, and competitors. Leverage structured and unstructured data to take the guess work out of your decisions, get more from your investments, and improve the management of your product or service lifecycle.

Not your typical consultants.

We are a partner, an educator, and a mentor in every engagement.


Using a data driven approach we bring new perspectives to your organization. We layer thoughtful technology and implementation methodologies to improve your business by uncovering previously unknown cost savings and revenue generating opportunities.

People, process, and information are everywhere. Are you making the most of their connections?



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