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Technology Ignorance & Abstraction

Do you take for granted the underlying complexity involved at the intersection of business processes, systems and tools? Successful implementation of modern integrated IT systems requires that the complexity of both human and technological systems is respected and captured in an integrated design and architecture. Properly designed systems allow organizations to efficiently implement, manage, and optimize their processes, information, and infrastructure to meet their ever changing needs. Organizations that don't respect complexity and continue to manage system designs in Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint presentations will continue to operate over budget, behind schedule, and miss the mark in both opportunity and stakeholder needs.

Integrated system designs and architectures improve communication, increase understanding of needs and environment, validate requirements, and reduce technical and operating complexity. Mitigate risk by taking a holistic view of your business which leads to improved understanding, decision making, and outcomes.

Take a look a look at “The Problem with Technological Ignorance And Why you Need to Teach Abstraction” by Samuel Arbesman. It provides a nice overview on how complex our IT systems are and the importance in understanding abstraction, which allows us to build on top of prior investments and continuous forward movement.

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