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Mapping Success in the Business World - Part 1

Part 1: What a Map Can Do For A Business

Image Courtesy of Creative Commons

Can you imagine driving to a new location without your cell phone or a GPS system? Without a map a lot of us would be driving around aimlessly and feeling lost. Thankfully we have developed extensive mapping systems with details such as traffic, road work, etc. to help us navigate to our desired destination in the most time efficient way.

Many of us have experienced this feeling in business too. It is impossible to predict the future of your business, but how do you know when or how to take the next steps, or head in a different direction without a map? To succeed in today’s complex and dynamic business world organizations need to develop maps of their environment and use them to guide them in the most meaningful and ideally profitable direction.

Maps provide the foundation for a common integrated approach that:

  • Enhance Communication

  • Measure Outcomes

  • Manage Resources

  • Solve Problems

  • Deliver Capabilities

  • Drive Customer-Centric Decisions

All of these capabilities will result in a business that operates smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. Even more importantly this will allow a business to continue to operate and prepare for the future.

The practice of Business Process Engineering is used to map out a business’s environment leading to these benefits and many more.

Part 2 of this article covers how maps work in a business and for a business. Click here to continue reading.

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